Time-Lapse Thursday: Sneak Peek


Here is my entire morning’s work reduced to 15 seconds. I’m not sure I like seeing all that hard work go by in the blink of an eye, but it is a fun sneak peek at my latest project – for Avery Boardman. Room designed by the talented duo over at J+G Design!




The Ladylike Prepster




I discovered The College Prepster when she featured me on her blog awhile back, and ever since I’ve been a fan! This beautiful ensemble is one of my favorites from her! A beautiful floral skirt paired with a crisp white button down will get me every time.

Just in Time


My three favorite cities, represented by pretty timepieces. As a wishful traveler I quite like this – probably because it makes me feel as though I’ve just stepped off the plane and my watch is still on London time. If I ever become an international traveler (highly unlikely, but let’s not rule it out) I might just have to have a color-coded watch system.

In any case, this sketch makes a pretty fun print, and I’ve created some custom products!


You can buy a tote or, some fun gift wrap, or just a printable card.

And of course an art print:

Just in Time: Fashion Illustration Giclee Print

I’m really liking this sketch, can you tell? ;)

Fifties Friday: The Retro Traveller


There’s something I love about retro travel style. Infinitely more elegant than the (admittedly cozy but face-enveloping) oversized scarves that we gravitate towards today are the printed silk scarves, structured luggage, trusty trench coats and demure flats of yesteryear. If there’s anything I’d be willing to wear straight out of a fifties movie set, it’s this vintage ensemble. Prints available here.

The Balloon Sleeve


A good balloon sleeve is something I will always love. One of the first magazines I ever bought featured a Tory Burch navy silk blouse with a balloon sleeve. I’d never seen such a gorgeous sleeve on a blouse, and I’ve been partial to them ever since. Prints available here.