Holiday Kickoff



My kind of Thanksgiving kick-off does not involve a pigskin. My kind of kickoff is performed wearing silvery heels and bejeweled bow-wrapped uniforms. I am, like I hope you are, enjoying a lovely weekend with family – but I couldn’t resist jotting down a quick sketch of the magical Radio City Rockettes after seeing them perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (my Thanksgiving guilty pleasure, I love every helium-filled moment of it.) I wish all my wonderful followers a magical, joyful, beautiful holiday weekend!




It’s Thanksgiving week y’all! I have been holiday-ing it up behind the scenes which you might know if you follow me on Instagram @athingcreated. Creating Christmas-ey goodies for the shop (coming soon) is the best mostly because I finally have a great excuse to be the Christmas FIEND that I am. Thankfully I had at least one client who got me to celebrate Thanksgiving a little bit first. Check out how adorable this Thanksgiving girl is in the Yellowberry newsletter!!


I’m totally excited about the mission of this company – to give girls a chance to be girls before this crazy culture we live in forces them to grow up too quickly. That’s a message I wholeheartedly believe in – and to top it off their products are SO adorable! If you have any little ladies in your life, this is the sweetest gift idea! Check out all the cuteness.



Reading has given me more satisfaction than really anything else.”

– Bill Blass, quoted in Worth (September 1999)

Hello! It’s Tuesday, and here’s a sketch that I love for its very unlikeliness – who stands and reads a book in a bright red party dress? I’ve made up a scenario: The restrained din of partygoers conversing as they finish their hors d’oeuvres is floating through the house. Turn the corner from the well-lit open concept area and you’ll find this lone partygoer, squinting over a well-worn volume in the dimly lit back library, the large pleats in her silk party dress emitting a dull sheen. Maybe she’s in search of a few minutes respite from conversation after a long day, or maybe the title caught her eye as she went to search for the hostess.

Fancy-book-lovers, you can buy a print of this sketch here.



Out for a Walk



I wouldn’t mind being this cute couple today – out for a stroll through some quaint neighborhood with an adorable pup making my way through the brisk October air. I’ve never had a dog myself, and probably never will have a dog, because of my mildly ridiculous phobia of sudden and unexpected loud noises (read: barking, fireworks, balloons popping.) I’m the lame-o that is always covering their ears during fireworks displays and cringing nervously when I see toddlers fumbling around with about-to-burst balloons. So the idea of having the unexpected-noise-making machine that is a dog in my house 24/7 is less than inviting to me. Thankfully these pen-and-ink puppies don’t make a sound!

Inspired by Oscar



I first saw this incredible Oscar de la Renta gown on Oscar PR girl’s instagram a while back ( and fell in love. It’s also featured in a stunning Vogue shoot with SJP/Matthew Broderick. It’s one of my favorite sketches. I recently sold off the original but you can still buy a print of it here.

Tribute to Oscar, Part II



I decided I might make this a sort of ODLR-week on the blog. As a largely fashion-driven illustrator, fashions from great designers have played a huge part in my creative journey and driven me as an entrepreneur and artist, and no modern designer inspired me more regularly and fantastically than Oscar de la Renta. I’m no fashion editorialist, but to me, he had the magical ability to hearken back to that lost golden age of couture without losing the sense of being in the moment and modern. Somehow his designs were both timeless and timely.

Kelly in the City with Luggage



Have you ever noticed this formula for naming famous paintings?”Marie Antoinette with a Rose,” “Mary Magdalene with a Night-Light.” I’ve coopted it today. I give you, “Kelly in the City with Luggage.” I think it works.

It’s Monday, and if there was ever a Monday-pick-me-up in the form of a wardrobe, it can be found on the bright and cheerful blog of Kelly in the City – all turquoise and hot pink and stripes and monograms. So if my illustration was not enough cheerfulness for your Monday, click over and enjoy a cascade of sunshine-in-the-form-of-clothing.

Polished Plans (and Teenage Dreams)

StephanieClassroomPolishedPlans PolishedPlans940


It’s Friday, and this is a long-overdue commission post! Stephanie is the owner of Polished Plans, an online fashion classroom! Great idea, right? If my fifteen year old self, who was fairly certain she would take the fashion-design-world by storm someday (and perhaps be breezing her way through the ranks of Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs, or be the star student of Tim Gunn by the time of her early twenties) could have seen this website, I think she would have been pretty excited. Stephanie tapped me to create a “fashion classroom” for her landing page, fulfilling my fifteen-year-old dreams to some abstract degree. Stephanie, my fifteen-year-old self thanks you!

The Vintage Collection: Ladies in Black and White


I’ve decided this second illustration in my vintage print collection is part sixties retro, part Audrey-Hepburn-as-Eliza-Doolittle (which if I’m not mistaken was filmed in the 60s…I’m going to say I did that on purpose.) Just imagine that Eliza Doolittle was a sixties chick with blonde BFF, and this is them faking their way through the upper echelons of derby-watching society, peering demurely through their mascara-ed lashes.

Or, you could just decide it’s a just a couple of retro gals in black and white. Somewhat closer to what was on my mind at the time, but a lot less interesting, right? In any case, you can retro-up (or Doolittle-up) your own space by snagging this print, here. You know you want to, so what are you waiting for? C’mon! Move your bloomin…