Style Moment: Sydne Summer’s Carrie Moment



This week’s style moment is a much-needed burst of brightness in this dreary month! January, that most-hated of months is almost over! I know it’s tough to see the first month of a new year go, and there are some great things about the “new beginnings” feeling of January, but I can’t help being glad to say goodbye to it every year – there is nothing I like all that much about this month. Gray skies, no festive holidays, Christmas-withdrawals and not a flower or heat-wave in sight.

Which is why today I’m featuring Sydne Summer’s bold and beautiful look! She’s a stylish and fun blogger who also has a great YouTube video series that goes through fashion trends from A to Z. This look is part of her “staple series” – she also remixed this bright Express skirt in two other (equally stylish) outfits. I loved the boldness of this one – she’s calling it her “Carrie Moment” look, and it doesn’t pull any punches! (Stripes, leather, magenta and hot blue – and it all works!) Now let’s power through the rest of January!

Love is Sweet. Especially When I Get to Illustrate It.


I thought there’d be no better time to share this commission from 2014 than with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! Jennifer commissioned this adorable portrait late last year for her fabulous engagement party at Dylan’s Candy Bar – the coolest candy store in the world, started by Dylan Lauren. Isn’t that the best idea for an engagement party? I was like a kid in a candy store with this concept (was that pun too on-the-nose? Nah, I’m writing a candy-themed blog post so at this point I think I’m past screening silly puns.) I decided to seat the couple on an adorable marble old-fashioned candy counter, and add the Dylan’s flavor by inserting a candy-striped floor (one of my favorite things in the store) and their iconic logo.

I’ve got a pretty big sweet-tooth, and there’s nothing sweeter than love in a candy shop, so needless to say this was one of my favorite commissions of the year!

Craving some sweetness yourself? Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is in the shop now!



Three Ways to Say I <3 You (Or Je T'aime…)

It’s the perfect weekend to stock up on Valentines for all your gal-pals! Today I’m highlighting three of my favorite designs for Valentine’s Day cards in the shop. Up first…

Je T’aime! She’s Parisian-chic with a Valentine’s twist.




Be Mine with Balloons…she’s ready to float away with her balloon-bouquet!



And finally…Galentines! Because Galentines day is actually better than Valentines Day.


Happy weekending all!

12th Girl


Okay. So as promised in the previous post, I’ve gotten a little bit into the football mania. I little bit. It’s hard to be a Seattleite and not catch a little 12th man excitement, no matter how indifferent to the sports world you are. (<< incidentally this gif describes my exact thought process while sketching the above.)

Hence, my “12th Girl,” the least sporty sports fan in the history of football, and available for purchase in the shop for all you Seahawks fans who don’t mind showing your colors in a more…well…fashionable fashion.

It’s Valentine’s Day! (Well…almost.)


So. I have two reasons to be EXCITED today.

1) I live in Seattle. Although I have less football knowledge than your average two year old, you’d have to be living under a rock in this city not to catch some of this 12th man fever after yesterday’s crazy Seahawks game. (Stay tuned for something on that….)

2) I’m launching VALENTINE’S DAY in the shop! I am an unabashed girly girl (I chose to paint pictures of girls in cute dresses for a living, so you should have that figured out already) – hence the aforementioned ignorance of football. Anyway, V-Day is my favorite: the girliest of holidays. Pink. Red. Hearts. Candy. Flowers. I love it all. And I’m hoping you all love it as much as I do, because I went on a Valentine’s bonanza this year and created ten cute card designs. We’ve got cards, we’ve got stationery, we’ve got art prints…and a couple iPhone cases are in the works for release this week! Bask in all the Valentinesyness in my shop (there’s a lot of it!) And stay tuned as I feature some on the blog in the next couple weeks!

ComboPackOfTwo RedShoesCardPreview

Featured By: Kerrie Mitchell of Rarely Taken Seriously

Hey all! I’m super excited about today – because I get to share with you all my feature with amazing blogger, Kerrie Mitchell of Rarely Taken Seriously!



I got in touch with Kerrie late last year and we totally hit it off! She’s the sweetest and friendliest person you’ll ever email, and on top of that, her blog is full of beautiful photos, links, and lots of pink! I had so much fun with the interview and photo shoot, and can’t wait to work with Kerrie again! Head on over to Rarely Taken Seriously for the full interview and feature, and don’t forget to follow Kerrie on Instagram and Twitter – she’ll add some serious beauty and fun to your feeds!

Commission: Welcome to New York



It’s Wednesday (already? Anyone else’s week flying by this week?) and today I’m highlighting some custom work! This mother-daughter sweetness was commissioned as a Christmas gift by sweet daughter. She requested a bit of NYC scenery since her parents recently moved to the city – which is arguably my favorite part of the sketch – hello, mini arc-de-triomphe! (Yes, I know it’s actually the Washington Square Arch.)

P.S. I love that the phrase Welcome to New York is now a thing…Taylor Swift’s latest gift to copy-writing!

Shop Highlight: Bow Pumps in Sumi



Hey weekend! You’re here already? You sure snuck up on me this week.Today I’m highlighting a brand spanking new item in the shop: my “Bow Pumps” print in sumi ink. I love that  this is slightly different from my usual colorful and detailed watercolor illustrations – this sumi-ink piece is graphic and monochromatic, and I’m in love with how it turned out! I think it packs a sophisticated and girly punch – right now it’s sitting on my desk stacked in a colorful tray (above.) Snag one from the shop now!

Style Moment: Nastia Liukin in Max Azria



While scrolling through my Instagram updates late the other night, one in particular made me do a little double take. “Nastia Liukin followed you.” I quickly clicked over to see if this was the real Nastia Liukin…and it was! 2015 has officially set the bar high for exciting things, in my book at least.

For those of you that don’t remember back to the Beijing Olympics, Nastia was the 2008 all-around champion gymnast – and my favorite ever! I don’t know much about gymnastics, but I can still remember watching her in the Beijing Olympics 6 years back. She had such inherent style and grace in her athleticism (she would make an incredible dancer!) It’s no wonder Max Azria tapped her as a model with gorgeous results for his spring campaign in 2009.

All this Olympian sketching has gotten me in the mood for some Olympics! I must admit that the figure skaters are my Olympic weakness, probably largely due to their always-incredible costumes. I see a few more Olympian-inspired style moment sketches in the near future (Gracie Gold and Yu Na Kim, I’m looking at you!)


Favorite Things: Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady”


I thought we could all use something fun today to cheer up the first Monday of the year – and for me, a little Audrey Hepburn always does the trick! If you know me, you know I love a good musical. One of my all-time favorites has to be the movie-musical version of My Fair Lady. I love everything about this movie, from the first swell of the symphony at the opening credits (set to closeups of flower market bunches, how beautiful is that?) to the final line, “where the devil are my slippers?” I am also (clearly) an incredibly huge Audrey Hepburn fan, and Audrey is just so brilliant in My Fair Lady. The costume above is from the iconic “Ascot” scene, designed by Cecil Beaton (so, brilliant, of course) and one of the most visually striking (and hilarious) scenes you’ll ever see on film. One of the best things about this scene is that everyone looks absolutely ridiculous in their aggressively black-and-white outfits and outlandish hats, but Audrey pulls hers off without a hitch and makes it one of the most well-remembered costumes from her films. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

Style Moment: Gal Meets Glam in Chicwish



Is it really the first weekend of the new year? I hardly noticed with all the holiday hubbub that’s been going on lately.

Today’s style moment is a quick sketch inspired by the bright sunny feeling of looking forward to spring. I am a person who loves fall and Christmas, so I can’t bear to think about spring until at least January. But I’m also a person who looks forward to seasons way ahead of time, meaning that I start getting excited about Valentine’s Day and spring right about now. I think January is a month we could all live without, personally. Does anyone actually love January?

But I digress. Back to today’s sketch! Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam is always one of my favorite go-to sources of inspiration (this popular print in the shop is inspired by her look!) This look featuring a perfectly-embroidered dress from Chicwish (it’s on sale now if you want to grab it!) is the happiest spring-is-coming outfit for those of us looking forward to it!


Cheers to YOU!


Pop the bubbly, throw some confetti, and do a happy dance, it’s a NEW year! I got a little carried away with the sparkle for 2015, but is there such a thing as too much sparkle?

2014 has been an amazing year for A Thing Created, and I couldn’t let the moment pass without thanking you (yes you, reading this, even if it’s your first time on the blog!) Taking my business to the next level has taken a lot of hard work, but none of that hard work would have mattered without YOU. No success would be possible without the amazing support of the followers, clients, customers, readers, and the friends I’ve made through the past year (I consider all of you friends, really.) Though it may sound trite, it truly is amazing to me each time I get even the smallest show of support, like an Instagram “like” or comment. I know it feels like nothing when you’re the person clicking “like,” but to the person receiving it, it means being able to grow their business and continue doing what they love, which is an inexpressibly amazing feeling that I wish for everyone to experience! This has been the year that I have discovered how much I LOVE being a creative entrepreneur, and that’s all due to you! I hope to bring you a lot more in 2015, so I hope you’ll come along for the ride! THANK YOU.

As an extra thank you, I’m extending my post-Christmas sale, which is: 30% off in the shop through Monday 1/5/15 with code: NEWYEAR. Shop here.






Style Moment: Corals and Cognacs in Trina Turk



Today’s style moment is featuring the lovely Hallie of Corals and Cognacs. I fell in love with the combinations of patterns and colors in this outfit – especially the gorgeous floral on this floaty Trina Turk skirt.


Introducing: A Thing Created Bridal



It seems like wedding fever is everywhere I turn these days. Literally every five minutes someone else is engaged. In fact, today I’m going to a bridal shower for one of my best friends. So, it seems like a fitting day to launch my newest endeavor: A Thing Created Bridal!


I’m really excited to be introducing custom A Thing Created Bridal portraits! For these projects, you can choose from two elegant poses (side or back) and I’ll work from photographs to illustrate you in your special details – from gown to hairstyle, bouquet and accessories. This is such a great way to commemorate your day!





Contact me for details on how to get started with your very own bridal commission, and stay tuned for more to come!

Style Moment – Sarah Hyland

SarahHylandChristianSirianoDarkerLinesI’ve decided to do more “Style Moment” posts (weekly? Maybe.) when I see a look that I can’t help loving. This week it’s this stunning Christian Siriano gown worn by Sarah Hyland recently on the red carpet. I love me some volume and color, and Sarah looks like a perfectly elegant modern day princess with her high updo and perfectly-elegant jewels. What do you think of the look?