Back to Fall


I’m a Seattle girl – the home not just of Starbucks but of that grand old department store, Nordstrom. Growing up a back-to-school tradition was Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I would eagerly thumb through the pages of the pre-sale catalog every year, planning which pair of fall-colored-Pumas I would sport on the first day of school (Pumas were apparently the thing back then.) Today I am still perennially guilty of pre-season excitement, the kind that makes you want to buy school supplies and pumpkins while everyone else is still instagramming their summer escapades. (Case in point: right now I’m drinking a Chai tea latte and listening to music from a Charlie Brown holiday special. Not ashamed.)

Wedding Hair


Summer means weddings, and a Pinterest feed full of lovely hairstyles that I wish I could wear on a regular basis without looking like I’m reenacting a Jane Austen novel a la Keri Russell. There is nothing worse than overthought, overdone wedding hair, but a simple style with an unfussy ornament always looks beautiful.

Azure Mood


There’s a Duke Ellington song that Ella Fitzgerald sings that reminds me of today’s lady – “Drifting, dreaming, in an azure mood…” She certainly looks like she could float away with all that billowy-ness.

A Thing Created x The College Prepster


I’m super excited to announce my latest project in collaboration with The College Prepster! Carly is the sweet blogger behind The College Prepster, a blog featuring her lovely, cute, and preppy finds from fashion to cool kickstarter projects to inspiring interviews and tips. Mosey on over to her beautiful site for a chance to win a custom illustration by yours truly!

Summer of Color



Exciting things going on here at A Thing Created – can’t wait to share some of the projects in the works! After a week of deadlines and a Monday of sickness and HGTV bingeing, I’m back at it – mostly anyway. All this craziness has left me little time to blog, so for now, enjoy this vaguely summery lady that served as a figure sketch warmup for today!

Glamour Girl the Case of the Missing Client


I found this old sketch when looking through my archived items. I must have drawn this at least a year ago – it was for one of those commissions where the client just disappears into thin air mid-project. Ah yes, fellow freelancers, you know what I’m talking about. Those clients that you almost worry are laying in a ditch somewhere because of their total and sudden complete non-existence. No activity on their website, no answer to emails…well, anyway, I like this glamour girl nonetheless, in all her purpley glamorous goodness. In fact, she’s wearing the color of the year for 2014, which means I was a good six months ahead of the trends. If only I had posted this on the blog six months ago, I could take credit for influencing the super-secret color-trend decision meetings at Pantone (do those actually happen?) I guess I’ll just have to settle for the satisfaction of having sketched this glam gal, and hope someday her intended client finds her – as soon as they make it back from the island in the middle of the Pacific where they’ve been shipwrecked with no lines of communication, living on coconut water and wild vegetation.


New Notecards: Spring into Summer!

Spring Has Sprung! Assorted Set of Illustrated Folded Cards

A Bunch of Peonies: Illustrated Thank You Cards

Striped Espadrilles: Illustrated Thank You Cards

You’re breaking out your espadrilles and taking trips to the flower market – and so should your snail-mail! Which is exactly why I’ve created these new stationery sets – featuring all the best summery-goodness, from striped espadrilles to safari-style ensembles. I’ll be using them for chic thank-yous and fun notes to friends all summer-long! Click the images to see them on Etsy.




Hail the Conquering…


I was really excited to get to do a graduation commission this year, and I love the way this one for the lovely Erin turned out – flanked by her beautiful alma mater.  Inquire here if you’d like one of these pretty little mementos of your big day – as an illustration for your graduation announcement cards, or perhaps for a special graduate in your life! I may be biased, but I think that would make anyone feel pretty special!