Camel & Burgundy


Every year there is one color that I obsess over for fall – this year, it is…burgundy! So far I have bought a burgundy sweater and a burgundy pair of flats – before September even hit! This illustration is carrying my favorite flower (my mother’s as well) – the burgundy dahlia. Purchase her as a print here!

The Vintage Collection: Red Velvet



Happy Monday! This week I’m introducing a new line of prints and stationery to the shop! Inspired by my one of my favorite style eras, the 50s-60s, the Vintage Collection is going to be all about glamorous, retro style from the golden age of fashion. First up is this sweet and glamorous Betty Draper-esque blonde in her swinging chiffon and bold red pattern. Stay tuned for more additions to the Vintage Collection line, and check out the shop to see the latest available!

Weekend Wishing


A wishful sketch from last weekend as I’ve been dreaming of a more functional office. Normal humans’ tech-splurge dreams might consist of a jumbo flat screen TV with some nifty sound system, but as a freelancer and blogger who’s spent the past two years typing, Photoshopping, uploading, pinning, emailing and generally squinting through my contact lenses at my modestly sized laptop, I’d trade a million flat screens for one of those gleaming white iMacs that crown every impeccably styled home office in my Pinterest feed!


Back to Fall


I’m a Seattle girl – the home not just of Starbucks but of that grand old department store, Nordstrom. Growing up a back-to-school tradition was Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I would eagerly thumb through the pages of the pre-sale catalog every year, planning which pair of fall-colored-Pumas I would sport on the first day of school (Pumas were apparently the thing back then.) Today I am still perennially guilty of pre-season excitement, the kind that makes you want to buy school supplies and pumpkins while everyone else is still instagramming their summer escapades. (Case in point: right now I’m drinking a Chai tea latte and listening to music from a Charlie Brown holiday special. Not ashamed.)

Wedding Hair


Summer means weddings, and a Pinterest feed full of lovely hairstyles that I wish I could wear on a regular basis without looking like I’m reenacting a Jane Austen novel a la Keri Russell. There is nothing worse than overthought, overdone wedding hair, but a simple style with an unfussy ornament always looks beautiful.