Girls Who Read Vol. 4

I hope you’ve been enjoying my “Girls Who Read” series of sketches – as a fellow reading girl, I thought you’d appreciate them! I saved the best reading lady for last – Audrey Hepburn as the quirky Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Gotta love that reading outfit!

Library Holly Golightly {Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn} Fashion Illustration Art Print

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That’s So You

This week in the stationery shop, I’m creating a line of completely customizable stationery, featuring fashion illustrations that can be customized to your own skin tone and hair shade. What’s not to love?


Find them all, in the shop!

New Arrivals in the Shop: The Market Series


After a week of hiatus from my business/normal life (#bffswedding), I’m super happy to be back with these new arrivals for spring! She’s toting her market goodies all over the place in all kinds of colors! Click any image to shop.


FreshIdeasNotebookPink01 LeMarketNotepadGreen LeMarketNotepadPink LeMarketStationeryBlueBrunette LeMarketSTationeryGreenBlonde

A Thing Created for Pour La Pomme


Good Monday! While you’re all sitting at your desks working off yesterday’s brunch, I thought I’d share with you my most recent commission – suitably colorful as we jump into the colorful springiness that is the post-Easter season!

The founder of the brand new (gorgeous) handbag boutique Pour la Pomme (she had me at the name!) commissioned me recently sketch some bag-toting ladies for their website, and I could not be more thrilled with how they look in the spiffy new site!




New in the Shop: Notepads

Hi all! It’s been a while since the last time I visited with you here on the blog!

I read somewhere once that you should never apologize for a lack of blogging (it’s annoying, and nobody really cares.) While this is probably true, I feel compelled to converse a little bit with you all. Otherwise this blog is just an extension of my shop page, and what’s the point of that? And right now my conversation is about how life has been a little bit more crazy than usual for the last month or so (hence: lack of blogging.) Coffee has been my survival tactic (probably why I ended up creating mugs…so much coffee on the brain.) I’ve got a ton of products in the pipeline for the upcoming weeks, I’m transitioning from a purely freelance illustrator to a small business entrepreneur, and can’t wait to start offering a wider selection for all of you! On top of all this is that thing called life…meaning blogging gets left waay by the wayside.

That said, today I’m introducing a BRAND new product for A Thing Created: notepads! Adorned with a maxi-wearing maven in a slightly boho, slightly sixties ensemble, I’m loving using it for everything! Mostly I’ve been using it for writing down my hourly schedule (it’s the perfect size, and if I don’t plan out each hour of my day in written form I don’t work at my best!)

Everyone needs a good notepad and this 5.5″x8.5″ size is kind of the perfect size for all-purpose use!

MaxiGirlNotepad01 MaxiGirlNotepad02 MaxiGirlNotepad04 MaxiGirlNotepad06

Can’t Wait For That First Cup of Coffee?


It’s insanely-early-o’clock, and I’m fumbling to get my iPhone alarm to quit buzzing. (Do I slide to deactivate or hit snooze to get the thing to stop? Too complicated for five-seconds-awake-me to figure out.) Glow, buzz, beep beep…rrgh! Okay, finally the thing is off. Don’t close your eyes again, don’t do it! Up an-adam, I’m swinging out of bed and feeling my way down the hall to the kitchen…now to flip on the burner and wait for my kettle to sing – scoop some grounds into the French Press, and…four minutes later a steaming cup of coffee is finally in my hand. This is the point at which I collapse on the couch and think about the existence of the rest of my day. I’m usually sane within about the next half-hour.

So, clearly, I LOVE coffee! And I need coffee in the morning to be human. Yes, I am one of those people. Some weeks I love it so much that I’m already thinking about it when I hit the pillow the night before. But most weeks I just slug it down to keep my eyes open and get through the morning. My mild (okay, major) obsession with that first morning cup kind of made it inevitable that I was going to start designing coffee mugs for all my A Thing Created girls!


I give you, these two adorable new coffee mugs that I’m actually really excited about – I love them! And because as you all know, I’m also obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, it’s totally appropriate that my first design was Holly Golightly inspired. I test-drove my “Coffee First, Darling” mug on Instagram and asked if you’d like to see it in the shop, and got an overwhelming YES from so many ladies! I love that my A Thing Created ladies are as much of a fan of Audrey as I am.

I’m loving using both of these pretty and glam mugs, and I’m surprised how much fun it is to have them around in the mornings. There is nothing pretty about the way I typically feel for the first hour in the morning – which is I think the reason why adding this little extra shot of pretty to my mornings actually does help.

Mugs in the shop here, or click the images!

MugsBreakfastAtTiffanysAndGlamSkirt2CoffeeFirstDarling04 CoffeeFirstDarling10 CoffeeFirstThenGlamMug05 CoffeeFirstThenGlamMug06

A Cinderella Style Moment





I’m planning to see Disney’s new Cinderella later tonight, and I’m pretty excited about the way this live-action version of their mid-century classic looks! I was (predictably) a pretty visually-oriented kid, and I must have watched the classic Cinderella movie dozens of times as a girl. So I instantly saw from the stills and trailers of this remake, that Disney is trying to make their viewers feel like the movie was magically transformed into three-dimensional life with the flick of the fairy-godmother’s wand. Not only wardrobe choices (like Cinderella’s original pink puffy-sleeved ballgown dress, always one of my favorite parts of the animated movie…) but specific visual shots and movements from the movie were instantly recognizable to me (her dress gets ripped off her shoulder almost exactly as in the original movie, etc.) Maybe some people find this annoying, but I’m super excited to watch a childhood movie literally burst into life.


Disney and fairy-tale lovers, Cinderella’s joining the shop as a print in celebration of the new movie! Shop it here.


Keep Your Dreams & Goals Together



Even as we’re living in the digital age (Siri, add “buy kale” to my grocery list note!) physical journals seem even more essential somehow to keep our thoughts from getting lost somewhere in our own personal cyberspace – and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Personally, I NEED to have a physical place to jot down notes, keep a running list of ideas, goals, and those ever-present “to-dos.” All this note-writing and organizing is so much more fun when you’re doing it in something pretty – which is why I’m so excited about a new product I’m now offering – A Thing Created Journals! These lovely hard-cover notebooks are the perfect place to jot down your dreams for the future, keep a running list of your goals, your ideas, your insights – or simply keep a record of your day. Each page is lined on one side and blank on the other, the perfect combination for title pages, doodles, thumbnail idea sketches, and writing. Each journal is complete with a silky white ribbon attached at the top of the spine to help keep your place.

Head over to the shop now for more new products and details on the new journals!



New For Spring: Poufs!

I love me a good Moroccan pouf when it comes to interior design. And so, for spring, I created the perfect stationery notecards for pouf-enthusiasts everywhere!

Shop these and much more for spring HERE.

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PoufStationeryPinkProductPreview PoufStationeryPhoto01 PoufStationeryPhoto02 PoufStationeryPhoto03 PoufStationeryPhoto05 PoufStationeryPhoto07